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Official Clergy ID of clergyman Gregory Karl Davis
Founding Bishop of the Universal Orthodox Church

Doctrines of the New Church

which is meant by the New Jerusalem,
are as follows:

I. That there is One God, in whom there is a Divine Trinity;
and that He, is the Lord Jesus Christ.

II. That a saving faith is to believe in Him.

III. That evils are to be shunned, because they are of the devil
and from the devil.

IV. That good actions are to be done, because they are of
God and from God.

V. That these are to be done by a man as from himself; but that it
ought to be believed that they are done from the Lord with him and by Him.
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the following files are Adobe PDF files

Doctrine of Athanasius Creed

The Unity in Trinity of the Triune God
with the Universal Orthodox
Lord's Prayer in Heavenly
Doctrine revealed

Disciplina Arcani

Doctrine of Divine Truth

Doctrine of Genuine Truth combating
doctrine of Spurious Falsity

Questions, Concerns, Declarations & Ponifications

Doctrine of Heaven and the Love of Truth

Doctrine of Good and Truth

Doctrine of the revelatory Word in the
holy anointing oil of Moses

The Evangel of Revelation xiv. 6,7

Heavenly doctrine of Christ and Antichrist

Canon Law treatise on government placing a

Substantial Burden on the Establishment of

True Christian Religion which is sincerely

held by all those of the Christian faith

(religion of the Anointed ones)

in the Second Coming of Jesus the Anointed One

according to the revelatory Word.

Universal Orthodox anoints with

David Anointed King
the True Holy Anointing Oil of Moses
Chrismation - Chrism - Unction

Revealing the glory in the Word

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